Gloria Pearson-Vasey

Gloria Pearson-Vasey is a storyteller, an author of suspense veiled in mystery and enigma. She weaves contemporary issues into her novels, writing stories which have authenticity along with hopeful endings.

A member of The Writers’ Union of Canada, Pearson-Vasey’s background includes nursing, psychology, music, journalism and theology. Inspired by her autistic son’s unique sensory experiences, her writing reflects the hidden depths of things.

She lives in a picturesque Ontario town with her husband and one of four sons, and enjoys reading, nature, country drives and time spent with family.

Shushan Portal Science Fiction Book by Gloria Pearson Vasey

It’s the Week of the Blog Tour!

Blog Tour Week July 7, 2024 This is an exciting week for Shushan Portal: Behind the Hollyhock Hedge. It’s the week of the Blog Tour! A blog tour is like a traditional book tour, but instead of going from town to town to sign books and meet readers, I’ll be travelling from blog to blog […]

Musings of an Old Storyteller

June 23, 2024 After a long absence from blogging, I’m back. The first step in my intent to return was to finish a book I started six years ago, Shushan Portal: Behind the Hollyhock Hedge. During those years, my husband who was in kidney failure required daily home peritoneal dialysis. Then along came COVID-19 and

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